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“Choose happiness, above everything else.
In doing so, you choose yourself.” -That Writer Jenna…and probably others at some point

Spring Break!

Happy Spring again, everyone! I am hesitant to take a spring break from TWJ, to be honest. I just started That Writer Jenna’s podcast, I’ve seen a few more followers on my blog, and part of me feels like I need to keep up the momentum and keep going with my schedule as is. But […]

Spring into Action

Happy Spring! Happy Ostara and Happy Spring Equinox! This is one of my favorite times of year! 🌸🌼🌺. I LOVE seeing all of the green that’s coming back all around us. Feeling the earth awaken after winter, the longer days and shorter nights, more of nature coming to life – I feel so INSPIRED this […]

25 Lessons Learned in 25 Years

Happy 25th Birthday to me!! 🎂 One of my good friends I call Mole-y (nickname originating from high school chemistry learning about moles) writes a list on Facebook every New Year’s Eve of what she’s learned the past year, and I LOVE that. So I wanted to do my own list of lessons, but lessons […]

Embrace Your Weird

How many times have you been called weird or have been made fun of/teased? I’ve been called weird a lot. I’ve also been teased a lot. This used to bother me more when I was younger. As someone who just wanted to fit in, any time light was shined on a way I was different […]

Love Yourself Too

Happy February! This month has always been a weird one for me. We have Groundhog’s Day (which I’ve come to see is another Pagan-inspired holiday), Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and also Black History Month. And I’m sure even more that I’m forgetting. That’s a lot for one month, let alone a month with only 28 […]

Fuck It – The Motto

A lot of people advise to choose a word to embody your intention for the new year. I saw that all over social media last month – and that practice has never really felt like it fit all the way for me. Sure, I could jam the puzzle piece in the spot if I needed […]

Welcome 2021!

Happy 2021! In the spirit of new beginnings, I thought I’d use this blog post to reintroduce myself.

Winter Tidings of Mindfulness

Happy Winter Solstice! Merry Christmas! Happy Yule and all other holidays! I had the plan to write out a post explaining the Pagan origins of the Christmas holiday many of us celebrate and also include how Christianity adopted it as their own. But honestly? That’s not where my heart is at right now. Don’t get […]

Welcoming Winter

Happy December! This time of year can be hard for some people, especially for people who find themselves experiencing SADD. Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder affects a lot of people! Essentially, it is when people experience depression during the winter months. Part of this is caused by the decreased Vitamin D accompanying the lack of sunlight, […]

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Happy Friday!! I hope you are doing well today. I hope you feel happy and at peace and grateful. If not, hopefully by the end of reading this you’ll feel better! I’ve written about this before, I’m not sure if it was on this blog or my previous one. But I used to not like […]


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