Catching Up

Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here, and instead of allowing the duration in between posts to get longer and longer, I am going to tell you all what I’ve been thinking.

I have big plans for this blog. This blog will be the stepping stone for my writing career. But, I’ll be honest. I’m not much of a marketing person. Social media upkeep is not my forte. I am not very active in posting on my personal accounts, but I know that the only way to earn a strong presence online – the only way I can reach and connect with a lot of people – is if I post consistently. I probably won’t be able to keep a theme, in the beginning at least, but I will be able to at least get the content started.

So my plan (for right now) is to post two pieces a month (near the 1st and the 15th) on here. It’s some structure, which I need. If this is going to be my job at some point, or at least one aspect of it, then I need to treat it like a job. But it’s not so much structure that I get overwhelmed and my creativity is suffocated (which is what happened with my last blog, I think). I’m not sure yet of my plan for my instagram account, but I’ll figure that part out as I go.

One of my main priorities with this outlet is transparency and authenticity. And while this mainly would be for like what I write about, I think that this “back end” information is important to include too. Because I feel like if someone is only honest about some things, but not everything, that’s selective honesty. And I’ve always been an “oversharer”, so I’m going to embrace that and have that be apart of my presence here.


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