Checking in – State of My Union

Growing up, I also had a love/hate relationship for Social Studies. A class that mixed History and Geography, it was always something that I was decent at but didn’t really like. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school that I took an Advanced Placement History class that I really fell in love with history. I loved learning about the making of the country, the Revolutionary War, and what was going on in the world in the beginning of America’s life. I specifically liked the early president’s State of The Union addresses, so that same idea is applied here.

This is the State of My Union.


I have been feeling off for awhile now, and this past week I have really been out of sorts. I’m not sure if it’s part of the spiritual process or if it’s my depression or if it’s anxiety or if it’s good ol’ fashion stress (or if it’s Maybelline), but I have not been feeling myself.

In the thick of feeling off, I didn’t feel motivated or inspired to do anything. I did the bare minimum every single day and that was it. I had the thought of “I should meditate. I should journal” and instead, I watched hours of TikToks or Netflix. And don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing either of these apps at all. But ignoring my feelings was not, and is not, constructive.

Physically I’ve also been feeling off. I wound up going to urgent care last week and while I failed my strep test, the doctor still prescribed me the medicine for strep. This weekend I have been taking it easy and making an effort to only do the things I need to do or the things that make me happy.

And I have not been feeling very inspired to share. I want to be transparent and authentic with you guys, but I also don’t want to be negative and complain. Because I hate those people, myself! The ones who are always complaining no matter what is going on in their lives. But the thing here is, I’m not complaining. Things have actually been hard for me these past few weeks.


Moving forward, I plan on giving myself time to rest. I plan on honoring my body when I need rest, before my body demands rest. I plan on coming up with a schedule for writing that energizes me yet also keeps me disciplined. I can’t schedule inspiration, and working a full-time job doesn’t often leave time for other things; but if I can spend hours on social media or watching Netflix, then I can find the time to put in the work on my dreams.

Looking at the week ahead, I hope you all finish out September in a reflective, heartwarming, and peaceful manner ✌

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