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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Happy Friday!! I hope you are doing well today. I hope you feel happy and at peace and grateful. If not, hopefully by the end of reading this you’ll feel better!

I’ve written about this before, I’m not sure if it was on this blog or my previous one. But I used to not like Thanksgiving.

How could you not like Thanksgiving?!?” I heard that constantly. You want to know why?

Because growing up, I spent the holiday with my mom’s side of the family. We have a bit of an estranged relationship, there’s some toxicity there. So the holiday was always full of stress. I also don’t like the traditional Thanksgiving food – stuffing, cranberry sauce, (dry) turkey.

Last year, I worked on Thanksgiving. I chose to work to earn PTO, and I decorated my room for Christmas before signing on. I also wrote a poem about my feelings about the day, and I let myself take it easy.

This year – I am mostly focused on the gratitude part. I’m writing this a few weeks in advance, and as of right this moment I don’t know what my plans are since I’m unable to work that day. But I am looking forward to a chilly day where the only thing to do is eat and think about things I’m grateful for.

So let’s get a head start! What am I grateful for this year?

What are you grateful for this year?