Welcoming Winter

Happy December!

This time of year can be hard for some people, especially for people who find themselves experiencing SADD. Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder affects a lot of people! Essentially, it is when people experience depression during the winter months. Part of this is caused by the decreased Vitamin D accompanying the lack of sunlight, and sometimes also the holidays are hard for people.

2020 has already been an intense year, to say the least. And if you are finding yourself feeling depressed (or more depressed than your usual amount) during this, you’re not alone.

So what can you do about it? Especially during this time of stay-at-home orders?

Give yourself a fucking break.

Seriously. Put off for tomorrow what does not need to get done today. Let yourself have an extra 30 minutes of laying in bed. Eat what you feel like having. We are literally living through a pandemic, y’all. Our normalcy is being rearranged – and depression (seasonal or not) has a metaphysical reason for demanding rest.

Something I’ve read about briefly is ayurvedic medicine. Within this medicine is the idea of your body being closely aligned with the sun, that our bodies naturally need less sleep in the summer and more in the winter. Our eating habits change seasonally as well.

This is not me saying “depression during the winter is natural, just deal with it”. BUT I am saying that one of the healthiest things we can do is listen to our body. Give yourself the grace and give yourself the space to do your best every day, no matter what that looks like.

Sometimes my best is waking up early and doing yoga and exercising before the sun rises. Other times it’s waking up at 9:30am and eating cookies for breakfast. Life is all about balance, and it’s important that we hold space for ourselves.

So what are some winter activities to do during this time?

❄ Drive around and look at Christmas lights

❄ Make hot chocolate at home and have a game night

❄ Sit in front of a fireplace (in real life or on YouTube) and cozy up under a bunch of blankets

❄ Watch Christmas movies

❄ See if there’s any local Christmas light “events” (In New Jersey, the PNC Bank Arts Center has a drive-thru Christmas light show and they charge a small entry fee per car)

❄ Read one of your favorite chapter books from when you were a kid. (The Inkheart trilogy is my go-to)

❄ Have a movie night (Harry Potter is my go-to!)

❄ Do your favorite winter activities safely!

Remember, you are entitled to your feelings. Right now does suck. But this stork will pass. It might pass like a fucking kidney stone, but this too shall pass.


My 8/3 Full Moon Reading

Happy Tuesday! Here on the East Coast (I’m along the NJ border along the Delaware River, so we’re not really “East Coast”. My hometown, which is five minutes from Seaside Heights, is the actual coast), Tropical Storm Isaias is rolling through. I’m taking advantage of the covered porch in the house I live in now and am working outside. The rain is coming down hard, but with my noise-cancelling microphone on my headset the callers are none the wiser!

Yesterday, the Full Moon in Aquarius peaked at 11:59 am EDT. Last night, I did my first reading with all three of my oracle/tarot decks.

Deck #1: Moonology Oracle Deck

Deck #2: Spiritsong Tarot Cards

Deck #3: The Mystical Beasts Oracle Deck

Before diving into the reading itself, I want to provide some insight about this full moon energy.


As usual with full moons, the energy can be felt the day & night before, during, and after. Any rituals or practices can be done on either/all of the days and will still be under the full moon! According to @truly.intuitive, this full moon builds energies of the Lionsgate Portal. The planet of awakening and change, Uranus, is very active under this Full Moon, as Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. This Full Moon helps us come to terms with things that need to be released. I read somewhere else and can’t remember the source that said this Full Moon specifically is less for manifesting and more for releasing negative energy and letting go of toxic behaviors.


So with all that in mind, let’s dive into the reading I had!

This is what my reading space looked like

I’ve been working with my Moonology cards since March, and I feel like I have a good bond with them.

For a three card Full Moon reading, according to the booklet that comes with that deck:

Card #1: What is falling away and what do I need to forgive?
Card #2: What’s the illuminated Full Moon showing me?
Card #3: What comes next?

And the cards that I pulled:

I know, right? Some heavy stuff. And to keep this post from getting into close to novella standards 😂, I’m only going to share the sentences from the card descriptions that resonated with me.

Card #1: Disseminating Moon – “Take time to breathe out”.
“The intensity of the full moon has abated – and what are we left with? That’s what this card is asking you. It suggests that the situation you’re asking about has now peaked and it’s time for you to regroup and learn from your experiences rather than blindly forging ahead. Have faith that what is happening is for the best. Try to accept the way things are now, and give yourself and others time out to relax”

Card #2: Waxing Moon – “The energy is gaining momentum”
Note: As I was shuffling the deck this card was on top of a few that turned over as I was shuffling. I ignored it and the universe was like “JENNA this is your message!”
“This card…indicates that you can create the reality you’re dreaming of, though it will take some work and you’re not quite there yet. Where do you want to go and do you believe that you can get there? Either you can just keep meditating and focusing on your desired outcome or you can make the courageous commitment to take more practical steps towards your goals”

Card #3: Waning Moon – “What do you need to release?”
“What do you need to release? This card can be very positive but it can still be gently suggesting that you let something go and some trying so hard.”

Y’all I was shook. I had started this reading with the intention of seeing what this Full Moon’s energy is teaching me, what I am meant to learn right now. And while these may seem vague, for the situations on my heart last night, it resonated with me to my fucking core.

But the reading didn’t stop there. I also asked my Spiritsong deck for what message those cards had for me.

I drew the Nine of Feathers – the Porcupine. This deck is an actual tarot deck and not oracle cards, but the suits are different. The Nine of Feathers is this deck’s version of the Nine of Swords.

CardNine of Feathers – The Porcupine – “Perspective and Self-Empowerment”
“Porcupine is equipped with all he needs to protect himself. He wears his quills with honor, and uses them to confront his fear. A mentor for the vulnerable, he’s here to show you how to protect yourself from your own painful thoughts. Step back and look at the big picture. Things are not as bad as they seem. Focus on your priorities, listen to your inner-voice for guidance, and make the conscious choice to believe that tomorrow holds great promise.
KEYWORDS: Overcoming fear, perspective, self-empowerment, solutions, resurgence”

And lastly, I consulted with my newest deck, the Mystical Beasts Oracle. This deck was actually written and illustrated by some local artists/cool people!

Card: Rat – The Heart Looker. This card talks all about living in love – having every action and every thought be from a place of love.

And I’m telling you, this reading energized me so much. And once I wrote about it and processed it, I felt so tired. This is one of the first times that I did this practice without shame, without holding back, and with truly leaning into my interest and leaning into my intuition.

All together, the summary of the messages from this reading that I interpreted was I need to step back from some things – look at the big picture, and let things breathe. Take some pressure off of the situation and let it be. As far as my future is concerned, whether I decide to take action and actively work towards my goals or just daydream and manifest – either is fine and I am right where I am meant to be. I need to continue to do shadow work and see the behaviors I need to unlearn, and I need to remember to treat every situation with love. (And this is not saying that I can’t feel negative emotions, but. I’m working on responding rather than reacting, and I should work on choosing to respond with love). All in all, I am exactly where I am meant to be in this moment.

I’m not sure if this is interesting for you to read or not, as this reading was very personal to me and my journey. I don’t feel strong enough in my practice to do readings for anyone else…yet. That’s definitely something that I’m working towards. I’m also not sure if this content is appealing to everyone, buttt I’m going to trust that this is what I need to be writing, since I feel called to write it!

For the rest of the day, I’ll be enjoying the cooler air the storm brought with it and reading outside. Tonight we can still feel the Full Moon energy! I hope y’all have a great night with this full moon 🌝