Where? When? How?

Welcome back!

So far in my introduction posts, I have answered what this blog is, who I am, and my why. The other questions we all learned in English Class are the title of this post: Where, When and How.

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The answers to these questions as it relates to this blog and my aspiring writing career are pretty straightforward, but I don’t like to leave things unfinished if I can help it.


Q: “Where would I like my writing to take me? Where can you find my writings?”

A: For now, my writing can be found right on this blog! I also have a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter with the same name.
For the future, I hope to grow to have a website for my business. I will write books in multiple genres: personal development, young adult, children’s, thriller, etc. I hope to study psychology and become a psychologist and work virtually (an aspiring BetterHelp/TalkSpace therapist). I hope to heal people with my words.


Q: “That all sounds great! When will that happen? Also, when can we expect content on this blog?”

A: Simply, I don’t know.
With my last blog, I tried to write something weekly, but the quality suffered the more time went on. I don’t think you can schedule inspiration. While discipline is necessary for success, at this point I’m mostly focused on quality.
I also don’t know when I’ll write my books. I have a solid six ideas, and right now I’m letting the plots marinate in my subconscious while I go through my day-to-day.
But in the meantime, I’ll be doing work on myself and sharing my story along the way!


Q: “How will you be writing? How do you know if these things will happen? HOW?”

A: As someone with anxiety, preparedness is something that I struggle with. My anxiety wants me to prepared for all things, and unfortunately that’s just unrealistic (almost like wearing the perfect outfit in the spring! You always need layers). So while I can answer that I do my blogging on a laptop or my phone, I cannot answer much else.


Sometimes I like to imagine I’m being interviewed. Is that weird? Probably. But I wanted to finish up the little “segment” of introductions. I hope you all are having a great day so far!


What's this?

Hello! I’m Jenna and I’m an aspiring writer. Thank you for stumbling upon my blog!

This is not the first blog I’ve had. I used to run My Soul Told Me To, but decided to take a break from that page. In my few month hiatus from MSTMT, I’ve been able to really narrow down my focus and find my passion.

Previously, I was inspired/distracted by the #bloggers who had millions of followers, blogged on a schedule, made a lot of money from ads…you know, that same story we’ve all heard time and time again. Aside from the fact that I was comparing myself to others (a No-No), I was missing one great big juicy piece of that secret life – the INSPIRATION. The PASSION. The fact that these woman I aspired to be like had worked for years to get to where they are now, and my half-assed blog posts about whatever was trending was not going to get me where I wanted to be.

So that brings me here. Finally embracing writing with my own name. Jenna. For years I had written as Bella Larsen, or just coyly didn’t write my name. A pseudonym was the best way to stay anonymous while still bearing my soul…but it also gave me an excuse to not bare down all the way. While I wanted my writing to show all of my vulnerability, I was still wearing underwear and a bra (if not more). To really grip readers, whether it be in a blog post or a novel, I need to get naked (not necessarily literally, per say). I need to be honest with myself, get comfortable in the discomfort, and then find a way to convey my soul to you through words that are raw and honest.

So that’s what this will be. I’m not going to post every week, because you cannot schedule inspiration. I’m not going to ask a question at the end of every post to try and boost comments, and I’m not going to do any of the things I was doing before. Because in 5, 10, 15 years, when I have gotten to where I want to be in my career, it will not be by doing what everyone else has done. It will be by being myself, that writer Jenna.


Who Are You?

Hi! Welcome back to my blog. 

Fun fact, I created a new email and all new social media accounts for thatwriterjenna on February 15th, and it just so happens that today I felt like kicking my butt in gear to start writing blog posts exactly one month to the day later! I’m super excited about this. 

So, as the great Absolem once said…

Who am I? I am Jenna!

I’m an aspiring writer and poet who currently lives near Easton, PA. I live with my boyfriend of almost 5 years and his brother (his brother bought a house, and we moved in to help him get acclimated into home-owning life and so we can have a cheap option to get back into living in the state we love). I work in a call center. The company as a whole is a referral service for people who are looking for attorneys, but I work in the department that acts as an answering service for law firms. We currently answer for over 100 law firms across the country! I also handle tracking the minute usage and reaching out if anyone goes over their plan. It’s not my passion, but it pays the bills and is not mentally draining. 

I am 24 years old and am a Pisces. I am a believer in spirituality: I wear crystals, I whisper to the trees when I go on hikes, I track the moon phases, I believe in astrology and tarot cards and witchy things, and I also believe in higher powers. I am a sucker for a good sunset/sunrise and I’ll probably take my time walking inside on a clear starry night, and I LOVE to stand outside on the porch and watch the sky during a thunderstorm. Being outside is one of my favorite things, and I’m making my way to being as eco-friendly as possible. I’ve been also making a change with my health – listening to my body with what foods make me feel good, moving my body, and loving my body in the process of getting to where I want to be. 

I love all music, specifically mid-2000s pop punk, softer country (like not ALL twang, but calm twang, if that makes sense), and I love listening to piano while I write. I love to read, and am currently in the middle of a few books. I like movies and TV shows as well, pretty much anything. 

I also live with anxiety, depression, trauma, and past eating disorders. Most of my posts are going to be wellness based, which I’ll explore in my “Why?” post later today. I’m so very excited to get to know anyone who follows me and likes what they read, and to hopefully impact at least one person!


That Writer Jenna