Spring Break!

Happy Spring again, everyone!

I am hesitant to take a spring break from TWJ, to be honest. I just started That Writer Jenna’s podcast, I’ve seen a few more followers on my blog, and part of me feels like I need to keep up the momentum and keep going with my schedule as is.

But I’ve been feeling burnt out lately. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life and stressed, to the point where I spent the first six hours of my day earlier this week crying on/off. And I know this storm will pass and I’m fine (my basic life needs are being met), underneath the feelings I need to go through to heal…I feel like I need to step back and take a break. I’m also planning on cutting back on social media all together for a month, but I feel like this will be good.

Even if halfway through April I decide I want to come back early, or I change my mind tomorrow…right now, this feels like an easy decision that I can make that makes me feel better.

So I will be back in May! Comment below if there’s any topics you want me to write about, and thanks for understanding!